Gold and Silver: Sophisticated Attack DISABLES King World News site for 2 hours (KWN Audio Link) Internet servers hosting the King World News Internet site, which today posted a half-hour interview with three GATA board members, were attacked and disabled tonight from approximately 8 to 10 pm ET. The servers are maintained by one of the largest Internet site hosting companies in the world and one of its technicians told King World News proprietor Eric King, "We cannot figure out why this cluster of servers is being attacked." The King World News site host has maintained the site on a "grid" system of servers so that ordinary technical problems with any one server cannot disable the site, but tonights attack was sophisticated and brought down the entire grid. King and his family have not been attacked and one may suppose that what happened tonight at least is preferable to being rammed by a hit-and-run driver, as CFTC whistleblower Andrew Maguire and his wife were rammed in London the day after GATA disclosed at last weeks hearing of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission that Maguire had given the commission detailed warning of a manipulation of the futures market and the commission had done nothing about it. At this hour the King World News interview with the three GATA board members — GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, Adrian Douglas, and your secretarytreasurer — appears to be accessible again here: If King World News is becoming Radio Free America, this sort of thing may happen again. CHRIS POWELL, SecretaryTreasurer <b>…<b>

9 Responses to “Gold and Silver: Sophisticated Attack DISABLES King World News site for 2 hours (KWN Audio Link)”

  1. boptah says:

    this is so huge.

  2. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Hmmm…..that’s strange. I just opened it up. You may want to hold your control button down as you click the link.


  3. stermr says:

    Page not found..

  4. WhyMeWhySilver says:


  5. artdeco101010 says:

    I wonder if someone reposts it (though technically we’re not supposed to) we could get them to attack youtube and google – clash of the titans…

  6. GuildF40 says:


  7. clearasvodka says:

    The banksters will stop at nothing to hold on to their racket! Crooks!

  8. Raycheetah says:

    Just goes to show, the manipulators are running scared! I wonder if they meant this as a threat of larger attacks on anyone who disseminates this information. Intimidation tactics are the toolkit of the rich and powerful. =’[.]‘=

  9. JDLindskog says:

    OMG!  I tried to listen to the interview earlier tonight and could not get to the website. I thought there was a problem with Google. I never suspected an internet attack by the PTB.


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