Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver 2v2 against Lance and Clair

This is a 2v2 battle against Champion Lance and Gym Leader Clair. You are teamed up with your rival.Notes: Ill be recording a bunch of videos of various parts of the game. I am playing Soul Silver and I also wanted to test this new recording method. Character name is Koton (suppose to be Kotone but meh) Before Commenting: I will end up trading early to get better pokemon. If you see something that isnt normal during gameplay it is probably traded. This includes having Togekiss and Weavile, and TM moves all my pokemons. This is only for demonstration purposes so dont go "OMG YOU CHEATER ST00PD!!" or "UBER USER" or whatever.

10 Responses to “Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver 2v2 against Lance and Clair”

  1. CwapThePlatinumOne says:

    Look at the date. This video was made WAY before March 2010.

  2. JacobLi123 says:

    Ironic when Dragonite’s Japanese name literally means ‘Quick Dragon’ when it is nowhere near fast…

  3. muffinboy101010 says:

    isn’t it kind of cheating if you get to use 6 and they can only use 3… 

  4. PinksBiggestFanEver says:

    thanks but I’m done here. you need to do this in order for you to get Clair’s number if ever you want to have a rematch with her, and so much more reasons. :)

  5. TheBlazes13 says:

    I think you have to beat your rival at Mt.Moon in Kanto but im not sure

  6. Tonsana88 says:

    Lance & Red Vs You and Rival? That would be sooo epic!

  7. PinksBiggestFanEver says:

    why do you have to battle Claire and Lance? :/

  8. Oroht says:

    @wolf4knowledge What recording method did you use? I want to start doing LPs (Let’s plays) and such and I want good quality. Any tips?

  9. kebabboy1000 says:

    Can you do this battle more than once? Because i just beat them

  10. ilolroflandlmao says:

    when does this happen? i beat the game but didnt battle them , after getting all 16 badges?


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