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Mobility And Security Part 1: SSL Based VPN’s

Mobility And Security Part 1: SSL Based VPN’s

What does SSL and VPN mean?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol developed by Netscape to secure data transmission between a client and a server. It was soon adopted by the likes of Microsoft Internet Explorer and other leading web browsers, providing a secure means to transact data in an encrypted format over the web, most commonly seen with e-commerce sites taking credit card payments for purchases.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private communications network usually used within a company or by several companies that have a need to share information over a public network. VPN traffic is carried over the Internet using standard (often insecure) protocols.

What is the fuss with SSL VPN’s?

SSL VPN technology has been around for several years, but only in the past year has the market literally exploded with low cost purpose built devices. The likes of Juniper, Nortel and now even Cisco have developed these low cost SSL based VPN solutions for various business types including SMEs.

SSL VPNs work at the application layer. Unlike IPSEC VPNs they are far less complicated to setup, support and maintain. As they work with most modern web browsers no software is required to be configured and they are not restricted to a particular computer. Also, as almost all corporate networks globally, including those with stringent firewall policies, permit web traffic including the SSL port, SSL VPNs being utilized by mobile workers are almost guaranteed to work in every environment. This is one of the downfalls of the more common IPSEC VPN technology which struggles over NAT environments. One other benefit with SSL VPNs is it gives the administrator per-user access control to a strictly specified list of applications.

Summary of Benefits:

1. Low Total cost of ownership

2. End point Security in differing environments (e.g. if no Antivirus on mobile machine, only permit extranet access)

3. Clientless (web browser SSL VPN access for shared folders, applications & extranet resources)

4. On demand client for full network layer access

5. Helps secure thin client access in the public domain (Citrix, terminal services published on the web)

6. Per-user or per-group application list control

What should I do next?

1. Understand your company’s goals and what you are trying to achieve from your VPN solution

2. Consider what applications and services you intend to provide over your VPN solutions and understand the VPN options available to you.

3. Understand the security and service requirements of your VPN Solution and determine which VPN products provide these

4. Consider if you should be implementing additional security safeguards to further protect your VPN solution

SSL based VPN solutions are now very affordable and they ensure mobile workers can access crucial company information from almost any device anywhere in the world. They ease simplicity and availability when implemented in a well planned and thought out manner and they help to achieve a trouble free environment for remotely accessing crucial data.

SSI’s mobile and security specialists are available to provide mobile and security solutions for companies of all sizes covering consultancy, planning, deployment, support and user training.

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Sharks Of Gambling Industry. Part 1.

Sharks Of Gambling Industry. Part 1.

Behind the phenomenon of gambling industry, there are definite individuals. The attitude to them is ambiguous. Some people consider them to be talented businessmen, respect them and learn from them. Others, conversely, condemn them. Doubtless is only one thing – these people are extraordinary, often venturesome, but at the same time they have business acumen, feel the demands of time, they can correctly estimate the potential of their future enterprises. Particularly such people gain millions of dollars from gambling industry.

Sheldon Adelson
Presently he is the richest representative of the gambling industry. He owns the corporation “Las Vegas Sands”, which controls the casino-hotel “Venetian” in Vegas and “Venetian” in Macao. The life of Sheldon reminds of a classical story about an American dream. The future billionaire was born in 1933 in Boston in a poor Jewish-Ukrainian emigrant family. He had to work since early childhood. He earned his first money by selling newspapers on the streets. Practically without any education, the self-made man Sheldon became one of the best financiers in the USA. While working as financial advisor, he breathed new life into more than 50 companies. Adelson was one of the first businessmen who believed in the future of IT technologies. The international show-exhibition of IT-technologies “COMDEX” was his brainchild. In 1995 he sold it to the Japanese for 860 mln dollars.

The businessman came to the gambling market in 1989 buying the casino-hotel “Sands” in Las-Vegas, which was earlier owned by Frank Sinatra. Understanding that one more casino in Vegas is trivial and that is why relatively unprofitable, he decides to transform the capital of gambling into the international business center, in order to attract rich entrepreneurs (potential players) to his casino. Within several years Adelson built the business centre “Sands Expo”. In 1991 he invested one and a half billion dollars for building the casino-hotel “Venetian”. The new casino was targeted not only at players, but also at businessmen who came to his new business center. As many experts acknowledge, “Venetian” is one of the most beautiful casino-hotels in the world. There are more than 4000 rooms, 18 restaurants, a trade center (emporium), and all this is at the background of Venetian channels, with gondolas sailing and gondoliers singing their famous songs. In 2004 Adelson opened the casino “Venetian” in Macao, the first casino of Las Vegas type in Asia. In May 2006 he managed to obtain a permit for building a casino in Singapore, which will presumably be opened in 2009. It is planned that more than 3 billion dollars will be invested into its construction.

At the moment, according to “Forbes”, Adelson’s fortune is 16.1 billion dollars, i.e. he is number 14 in the world rating of the wealthiest people of the planet.

Kirk Kerkorian
This figure of gambling industry can be without exaggerations called the most experienced and sophisticated. He is the living legend, one of the “fathers of Las Vegas”. Kirk was born in 1917 in the town of Fresno (California) in the family of Armenian emigrants. In his youth he was actively engaged in boxing and participated in single combats, but at the age of 22 all of a sudden he decided to quit sport – the desire to learn to fly captivated his entire personality. During WW II Kirk became a pilot of British royal air force. Upon returning to his homeland, in 1947 he paid 60 thousand dollars and bought a small air company that specialized on charter flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He abandoned this business only in 1968, having sold it for 108 mln dollars. Frequently visiting Vegas, he realizes the huge potential of this city. In 1962 Kirk buys 80 acres of land on the famous The Strip, not far from the legendary casino “Flamingo”. The land at that time cost him 960 thousand dollars. The investment was not vain, approximately at this time there started the gambling boom and many companies became interested in gambling industry. The renowned casino “Caesars Palace” is built on his land, which he grants on lease. In 1969 he sells it, having thus earned more than 9 million dollars.

In 1967 Kirk buys 82 more acres of the “precious” land and builds “International Hotel”, which was the biggest hotel in the world at that time. In order to make the hotel popular and attract potential players, Kirk hires Elvis Presley for concerts. At that time he also buys the casino “Flamingo”, which he resells in 1970 to the corporation “Hilton”. 1973 was crucial for Kirk. He invested most of his assets into buying the film studio “MGM” and builds the casino-hotel “MGM Grand” under the brand of his new company. Now this hotel becomes the biggest in the world. At the moment Kirk Kerkorian owns the corporation “Tracinda”, which has the controlling stock of “MGM Mirage” (casino in Nevada, New Jersey, Macao etc). Kirk’s interests are not limited only to gambling industry. He owns 10% of the shares of “General Motors”. All this allows him to be number 53 in the «Forbes» world rating, having the fortune of 8.7 billion dollars.

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The Origin Of The Species Of Search Engines, Part 2

The Origin Of The Species Of Search Engines, Part 2

As the internet grew in popularity, then exploded into a huge amount of data, search engines faced increasing challenges. As thousands of pages are added every day, and many of those are changed on a daily basis, search engines have to constantly update their information regarding those sites. Part of the search engine race has been attempts to make the crawling more efficient and faster, so that the search engines can document new web sites when they come up. Some search engines download entire sites and keep the entire thing in its own hard drives.

When one thinks of modern search engines, the thing that most likely comes to mind is Google. It definitely wasn’t one of the pioneers, since it only started to gain popularity around 2001. However, it grew insanely fast, and now has the majority market share by far of any search engine, with 74% of all searches in the world made by Google. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it brought about many new and revolutionary techniques for listing pages. It considered factors such as popularity, original content, choices of past searches, how many other sites link to the one in question, and more than 100 other factors. These brought the best results to the top of the page.

The success of Google not only affected the everyday user’s habits, but also the development of almost all other search engines on the market. Search engines today spend their capital developing intricate algorithms to decide which sites belong at the top of the rankings. Other top search engines include Yahoo! Search, AltaVista, and Windows Live Search. Since there are so many choices working so efficiently to index the latest web sites and information, you can surely benefit from using them. You can use search engines to track people down, find out new information, and determine important marketing factors.

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Introduction To Options Trading, Part 1

Introduction To Options Trading, Part 1

The study of options can expand your perceptions about the range of possibilities. Most people are familiar with two forms of investment: equity and debt. There is a third method, however, and that third method is far more interesting than the other two. Its attributes are unlike any that most people understand—and these differences can be viewed as a troubling set of problems, or as a promising set of opportunities.

Let’s begin with a brief review, laying the groundwork about the two basic ways to invest. An equity investment is the purchase of ownership in a company. The best-known example of this is the purchase of stock in publicly listed companies, whose shares are sold through the stock exchanges. Each share of stock represents a portion of the total capital, or ownership, in the company.

When you buy 100 shares of stock, you are in complete control over that investment. You decide how long to hold the shares and when to sell. Stocks provide you with tangible value, because they represent part ownership in the company. Owning stock entitles you to dividends if they are declared, and gives you the right to vote in elections offered to stockholders. (Some special nonvoting stock lacks this right.) If the stock rises in value, you will gain a profit. If you wish, you can keep the stock for many years, even for your whole life. Stocks, because they have tangible value, can be traded over public exchanges, or they can be used as collateral to borrow money.


Equity for Cash: You purchase 100 shares at per share, and place ,700 plus trading fees into your account. You receive notice that the purchase has been completed. This is an equity investment, and you are a stockholder in the corporation.

The second broadly understood form is a debt investment, also called a debt instrument. This is a loan made by the investor to the company, government, or government agency, which promises to repay the loan plus interest, as a contractual obligation. The best-known form of debt instrument is the bond. Corporations, cities and states, the federal government, agencies, and subdivisions finance their operations and projects through bond issues, and investors in bonds are lenders, not stockholders. When you own a bond, you also own a tangible value, not in stock but in a contractual right with the lender. The bond issuer promises to pay you interest and to repay the amount loaned by a specific date. Like stocks, bonds can be used as collateral to borrow money. They also rise and fall in value based on the interest rate a bond pays compared to current rates in today’s market. In the event an issuer goes broke, bondholders are usually repaid before stockholders as part of their contract, so bonds have that advantage over stocks.


Lending Your Money: You purchase a bond currently valued at ,700 from the U.S. government. Although you invest your funds in the same manner as a stockholder, you have become a bondholder; this does not provide any equity interest to you. You are a lender and you own a debt instrument.

The third form of investing is less well known. Equity and debt contain a tangible value that we can grasp and visualize. Part ownership in a company or the contractual right for repayment are basic features of equity and debt investments. Not only are these tangible, but they have a specific lifespan as well. Stock ownership lasts as long as you continue to own the stock and cannot be canceled unless the company goes broke; a bond has a contractual repayment schedule and ending date. The third form of investing does not contain these features; it disappears—expires—within a short period of time. You might hesitate at the idea of investing money in a product that evaporates and men ceases to have any value. In fact, there is no tangible value at all.

So we’re talking about investing money in something with no tangible value, that will absolutely be worthless within a few months. To make this even more perplexing, imagine that the value of this intangible is certain to decline just because time passes by. To confuse the point even further, imagine that these attributes can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you decide to use these products.

These are some of the features of options. Taken alone (and out of context), these attributes certainly do not make this market seem very appealing. These attributes—lack of tangible value, worthlessness in the short term, and decline in value itself—make options seem far too risky for most people. But there are good reasons for you. Not all methods of investing in options are as risky as they might seem; some are quite conservative, because the features just mentioned can work to your advantage. In whatever way you might use options, the many strategies that can be applied make options one of the more interesting avenues for investors. The more you study options, the more you realize that they are flexible; they can be used in numerous situations and to create numerous opportunities; and, most intriguing of all, they can be either exceptionally risky or downright conservative.


Option strategies range from high-risk to extremely conservative. The risk features on one end of the spectrum work to your advantage on the other. Options provide you with a rich variety of choices.

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Use Super Tech for Business Excellence Part 1

Use Super Tech for Business Excellence Part 1

The paradigm Shift in Electronics and Industrial Sales

A Paradigm is a set of rules and regulations that does two things:

1. It establishes and defines boundaries.
2. It tells how to behave inside the boundaries

Instill 3 Traits for Excellence and Super Abundance

Joel Barker in his book Future Edge, lists 3 traits; a culture of excellence, innovation and anticipation as the three. He says not one, not two, but all three must be present. A culture of excellence is first and this excellence must permeate from the initial product design to the after-sale product support. W. Edwards Deming was a leader in promoting excellence in the area of TQM or Total Quality Management.

The second key is innovation. Innovation is the way you gain a competitive edge. Innovation joined with the excellence culture is a powerful one two punch. This is not enough for sustained market leadership however, and there is one elusive skill that must be added to the mix.

This skill is anticipation. Anticipation is the clear vision that steers your organization. The skillful application of intelligence to your data to get to the right place at the right time. This clear view into the future will drive great ideas to ascendancy. If this vision is lacking the organization will suffer. An example may be the The Walkman. Sony started the portable music revolution and Apple has swallowed the market share as a shark swallows his prey. Perhaps Sony could have anticipated changing demand and in doing so, forestalled the end of life for the Walk Man.

The Secrets of Super Technology

The Internet is designed for customer and partner intimacy. Every computer which is connected to the Internet is as close to your computer as your own keyboard.

The principal account manager at the contract manufacturer in China can be right in your own office. You customers and your salespeople can be on the same side of the desk even though the desks are on the other side of the world. Super Tech drives customer relationships closer and closer.

We have lived in an evolving world of high-tech which has permeated every corner of our society. The last 10 years has exploded communication and collaboration applications and we define this as Super Tech. Organizations have not taken advantage of revenue creating tools.

Paradigm shifts change the rules and when the rules change so does your world. Super Tech is simple, on-demand software. This software, aligned to your business process, relishes the power of on-demand collaboration. Super Tech is the key to winning in the market place; easy to use powerful on-line software that will change the way business is done and will change the way products are sold.

Part 2: “How Low Tech is Killing Innovation”, is next…

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“How To” Start Trading The Forex Market? ( Part 2)

“How To” Start Trading The Forex Market? ( Part 2)

Why is FOREX trading so popular?

Because you can trade from anywhere. From your kitchen table, bedroom, garage or from the nearest Starbucks coffeehouse ( most of them have wireless Internet connection).

If you have or like to travel, take your laptop with you and you can trade the FOREX anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

When you want to start trading the Forex Market nobody is asking you for a diploma, a formal license or a proof of how many hours you have spent studying the Foreign Exchange Market and/or Banking Industry.

FOREX Trading is Economical and Start-up Costs are Low!
You can open an account to trade Forex with as little as US$ 200 at he most brokerage firms.
I personally do recommend Fenix Capital Management, LLC, which offers a state of art Trading platform, that allows you to place orders directly by clicking on the chart.

The Main Benefits of Trading the FX Spot Market are:

YOU don’t pay commissions or fees!
YOU can trade 24-hours a day !
YOU can trade up to 400:1 Leverage !
YOU can have FREE Streaming executable Price quotes and live charts!

It is important to know the differences between cash FOREX (SPOT FX) and currency futures.

In currency futures, the contract size is predetermined.

With FOREX (SPOT FX), you may trade electronically any desired amount, up to Million USD.

The futures market closes at the end of the business day (similar to the stock market).If important data is released overseas while the U.S. futures markets is closed, the next day’s opening might sustain large gaps with potential for large losses if thedirection of the move is against your position.

The Spot FOREX market runs continuously on a 24-hour basis from 7:00 am New Zealand time Monday morning to 5:00 pm New York Time Friday evening.

Dealers in every major FX trading center (Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong/Singapore, London, Geneva and New York/Toronto) ensure a smooth transaction as liquidity migrates from one time zone to the next.

Furthermore, currency futures trade in non-USD denominated currency amounts only, whereas in spot FOREX, an investor can trade in almost any currency denomination, or in the more conventionally quoted USD amounts.

The currency futures pit, even during Regular IMM (International Money Market) hours suffers from sporadic lulls in liquidity and constant price gaps.

The spot FOREX market offers constant liquidity and market depth much more consistently than Futures.

With IMM futures one is limited in the currency pairs he can trade. Most currency futures are traded only versus the USD.

With spot FOREX, you may trade foreign currencies vs. USD or vs. each other on a ‘cross’ basis, for example: EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, CHF/JPY, EUR/GBP and AUD/NZD

More and more well informed investor and entrepreneurs are diversifying their traditional investments like stocks, bonds & commodities with foreign currency because of the following reasons: (will be continued)


Risks of currency trading: Margined currency trading is an extremely risky form of investment and is only suitable for individuals and institutions capable of handling the potential losses it entails. An account with an broker allows you to trade foreign currencies on a highly leveraged basis (up to about 400 times your account equity). The funds in an account that is trading at maximum leverage may be completely lost if the position(s) held in the account experiences even a one percent swing in value, given the possibility of losing one’s entire investment. Speculation in the foreign exchange market should only be conducted with risk capital funds that, if lost, will not significantly affect the investors financial well-being.

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How To Day Trade (Part 2) “Setting up your trading business”

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First Secret Of Becoming A Day Trader (Part 1)

First Secret Of Becoming A Day Trader (Part 1)

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Daytrader - Der Traum vom schnellen Geld [Doku deutsch]

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How To Day Trade (Part 1) “Myths vs. Facts”

How To Day Trade (Part 1)

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Debt Relief Part 1

Debt Relief Part 1

Many of you can face some sort financial crisis inside the lifetime. It can be caused by individual or family disease, reduction of the job, or really overspending. Whatever cause, the initial thing which should be performed is creating a budget.

Make an money column plus list all sources as well as the amount of money. If the money is from a income at the job, just include a bring house pay, not the gross. Just bring house or web pay is accessible to invest.

Next, create an cost column. In this column, initially list what exactly is called fixed expenses. These are items which we do not have control over. Home mortgage, electrical bill, insurance, car repayments, taxes etc. are expenses which happen monthly plus need to be paid about a timely basis. Now, list all different factors we spend funds for every month. Everything! Yes, regardless how tiny amount or how insignificant it appears, it happens to be an cost.

Look at the total of money as well as the total expenses. The expenses possibly scare we, however you are able to take control with several planning plus maybe the small restructuring.
The upcoming step, ask oneself is how bad is the condition. If it’s minor, then adjust the budget accordingly. The leading thing is to result in the budget plus change plus then follow it. Don’t fudge. That may place we right back to where we were. There is not any instant fix. We didn’t receive her instant and you may not recover instant. It takes discipline.

The focus about my company is training persons to adhere to their dream by becoming debt free plus remaining debt free. We cannot be a slave to the bills or debt. Many programs deal with managing a funds, paying the bills however, remaining inside debt, broke plus unhappy. I have noticed several cool videos which is filled with FREE info which may train we to take 0 plus turn it into ,000 inside 6 months. That alone may receive we from debt, however there is a lot more video training accessible which may place we inside financial position to retire inside 12 months. I understand which sounds too advantageous to be true, still it happens to be potential. We should believe that you can do it plus function at it till it arises.

Get all 3 components of the report by exploring my website.

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